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Lake Michigan Brown Trout Charter

When is the best time to go fishing? It is an often asked question to charter captains. The answer is a simple one "IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO GO FISHING". Fishing is a Verb, it is something that you do. It is the thrill of being on the big Lake, the fresh air, the sun, the camaraderie and bonding with friends, family and associates.

 Grand Haven is the most popular port for Great Lakes charter fishing. In fact more salmon fishing charter trips are run out of  the Grand Haven port annually that any other in the State of Michigan. It is not hard to see why. The West Michigan Grand Haven shoreline is outstandingly breathtaking, with magnificent beaches and sand dunes. Grand Haven in particular offers modern convenient shopping, restaurants and motel accommodations in a clean and wholesome setting. A small town feel with large town amenities. Close by parks for camping, nature trails, bike paths, and first rate golf course's serve to round out your experience.

The fishing in Grand Haven is superb, steady throughout the season. Beginning in April close to shore for lunker Brown Trout and finishing the season in October for huge King Salmon and feisty Coho. In between it is not uncommon to Fish all seven species, Cisco (white fish), Lake Trout, Steelhead, Brown Trout, Chinook (King) Lake Perch and Coho Salmon in one single Charter Season. Depending on the time of the season and water temperature you may be fishing within a stones throw of the beach or some ten to twenty miles offshore in pursuit of Steelhead.

Call on Grand Isle Marina's Douglas J Charters now and arrange a charter date, they will be happy to fulfill any special requests you may have, including the only
Fly Rod  Charter's in west Michigan upon request, extra boats for large parties, motel information and lunch options.  231-920-7527 Capt Mike Marsh

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Steelhead are a very aggressive Lake Michigan fish. They are a blast to catch in the spring months when you're on a Lake Michigan Fishing Charter in Grand Haven. These fish can reach heights of 10ft in the air while on your line.

The steelhead is a very good eating fish when caught straight out of the Big lake. Smoked or fried steelhead are awesome.

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Grand Haven Salmon Charters For Kids, Private Business, Friends, and Family.

Here at Douglas J Charters we pride ourselves on taking care of you the client.

We provide a service which is a fun knowledgeable experience for your business and your family.

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Lake Michigan Charter Species Information.

This section of the website is dedicated to properly inform you about the life cycles of the fish we catch in Grand Haven at Douglas J Charters.

We hope you find this information educational and helpful,

Thank you for choosing the Douglas J Fishing Charters team, located in Coast Guard City USA, beautiful Grand Haven Michigan.

We Specialize In 1 to 4 Person Salmon Fishing Charters. We can accommodate 6 easily.  

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Walleye Charters on White Lake, Muskegon Lake, Grand River and Lake Mac.

Lake Michigan Lake Trout Charter

Douglas J Charters in Grand Haven provides a great service to your salmon charter by utilizing our custom fish cleaning station. Douglas J Charters will fillet & bag your catch to assure you have the most professional prepared Lake Michigan King Salmon, Lake Trout, Steelhead, Perch and Coho fillets to bring home and share with your family and friends. Fresh King Salmon from Lake Michigan, to the grill.

No extra charge for fish cleaning. 

Port of Grand Haven Michigan Prized King Salmon

The King Salmon (Chinook Salmon) the biggest of the sport fishing series we fish for here in Grand Haven on our charter boat.

The best way to describe having a king salmon on your line is like hooking up a jet ski to a fishing rod and hitting the gas for 20 minutes.

King salmon are not only a total blast to catch but they as most of you know are incredible to eat. Smoked, fried, grilled, baked, or made into jerky the king salmon is a marvelous charter fishing adventure for the entire family, young and old

Identifying characteristics: Lake Michigan Lake Trout

(Native Fish) Two dorsal fins including one adipose fin, light spots on darker gray background, lower fins edged with white, tail forked, 11 rays in anal fin. The lake trout or "salmon trout" as it is sometimes called, is the largest trout native to the Great lakes and other Michigan lake waters. This fish strongly prefers a water temperature of 45-55 degrees F. Thus, while the lake trout may be found in shallow water only 10 to 15 feet deep in spring and fall, it follows these frigid water temperatures to depths of 100 to 200 feet in the summer and winter.

This restless denizen of the cold, deep waters is a true wanderer, often ranging many miles in search of prey. A relentless hunter, the lake trout feeds primarily on other fish. Although it seems to have a peculiar penchant for ciscoes, it also concentrates on alewives, smelt or sculpin (dead or alive), and sometimes takes crustaceans, insects, other fish, and even small mammals. Many lake trout seem to return each fall to use the same spawning beds, although some don't show this homing behavior.

The eggs are deposited after dark, often on shoals. Young lake trout become sexually mature at 6 or 7 years of age. The average adult weighs in at 9 - 10 pounds but some individuals weigh up to 50 pounds (the Michigan record is 61 1bs and 8 oz). The life-span of the lake trout may exceed 25 years. Parasitization by sea lampreys severely reduced the lake trout populations in Michigan from 1935 to 1965. Chemical contaminants and over-fishing pressures have also contributed to the problem, but with better charter fishing management and control of the lamprey and pollution problems, the invaluable lake trout is coming back.

An unusual from of lake trout occurs in the deep waters of Lake Superior, and is called a cisowet. This "fat trout" spawns at depths greater than 300 feet and is edible only when smoked. In Lake Superior individuals exist covering the entire spectrum from this odd type to the familiar form of lake trout. Lake trout have also be successfully hybridized with brook trout to form the "splake," obtained by fertilizing lake trout eggs with brook trout sperm. Splake released in the Great Lakes and recaptured 5 or 6 years later have weighed up to 16 pounds. Splake are intermediate between the parent species in appearance. Lake trout are avidly sought after by both Grand Haven Lake Michigan charter boats,  tournament fishing charters and weekend anglers.

Credit MDNR

Grand Haven May 30 / June 1. 5th place out of 40 boats Amateur Division

2015 Douglas J Charters Tournament Schedule.

Cat Fish, Carp and Gar fishing Charters Available

What we do at Douglas J Charters is catch fish.

Grand haven has always been one of the three top salmon & steelhead ports in the state. Salmon & Steelhead are here year round along with great fishing for perch, lake trout, brown trout and white fish.

The Grand River provides a totally different, completely incredible fishing trip with cat fishing adventures that will blow you away.

We can get you on some cat fish you never could have guessed were swimming around the boat, Devilish Gar Pike, 14lb Drum, 40lb Carp the fishing challenges are endless.

Douglas J Charters we get you there! We also record each fishing trip and produce youtube tv shows each and every charter trip starting in 2015. something no one else does for their customers. Make your next charter fishing adventure here at Douglas J Charters, and see for yourself. We are the most complete charter fishing adventure anywhere.

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Steelhead, Oncorhynchus mykiss Identifying characteristics:

(Non-Native Fish) Two dorsal fins including one adipose fin, mouth and gums are light, small spots along rays on entire tail, 10-12 rays in anal fin. Steelhead is a name given to rainbow trout which live in the Great lakes. Rainbow trout are native to the Pacific Ocean along North America and to rivers and other fresh waters of North America west of the Rocky Mountains. They are a popular game fish, and for this reason have been introduced all over the United States. Great lakes steelhead are usually found in waters less than 35 feet deep at temperatures of 58-62 degrees F.

They are often found near stream outlets, especially in spring and early summer. In the lake-dwelling part of their life cycle, they wander along the shoals eating plankton, minnows, surface and bottom insects and other aquatic life. Although they feed primarily in mid-depths, they do take surface insects, including fly fishermen's flies. Larger rainbows will eat other small fish if available. Lake Michigan steelhead enter their spawning streams from late October to early May. At the present most spawning occurs in the spring, although more steelhead are beginning to spawn in fall. Spawning takes place in a bed of fine gravel, usually in a riffle above a pool. Steelhead don't necessarily die after this; they may live to reproduce for as many as five successive years.

Most rainbow trout return home to spawn in the stream in which they were born or planted. Trout eggs hatch in four to seven weeks, depending on water temperature. Young trout may travel downstream to the lake in their first summer, or they may remain from one to three years in their home stream before migrating lakeward. Individual growth varies greatly even within the same population. Most Lake Michigan steelhead reach sexual maturity at age three to five years, ahead of females. A mature 16-inch fish living in the Lake Michigan may continue to grow throughout its life and could reach 36 inches in length and up to 20 pounds in weight. However, average adult size for steelhead in 9 to 10 pounds while life expectancy in Lake Michigan is six to eight years.

Larger fish, fish-eating birds and mammals and sea lamprey are the steelhead's natural enemies. In turn, the steelhead finds itself competing with other salmon and trout, other predatory fishes and a variety of bottom feeders, for its food. It also competes with salmon and trout for spawning grounds. Steelhead are valiant fighters and their flesh is outstanding no matter how it is cooked. An unbeatable combination that makes them one of the most popular North American charter sport fish.

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Grand Haven Fishing Charter with a one of a kind advantage for King Salmon, Steelhead and Lake Trout.

Captain Mike Marsh has spent nearly 17 years in the fly fishing industry as a captain/river guide tying his own flies for salmon, steelhead, smallmouth bass and brown trout. In doing so he has taken that and created the only salmon trolling fly that can hold scent for the entire charter trip.  This is a huge advantage for you the customer having that kind of salmon, lake trout, coho and steelhead catching super power available to you aboard are charter boat in 2015.

Only here at Douglas J Charters

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Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Lake Brown Trout, Perch, Cat Fish, Giant Carp.

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Chinook Salmon (King Salmon) 

Identifying characteristics: (Non-Native Fish) Two dorsal fins including one adipose fin, inside the mouth and gums, black, small spots on upper back and tail, 15 - 17 rays in anal fin. The salmon family, or Salmonidae, includes the salmon, trout, and whitefishes. All are characterized by adipose fin, and have a preference for cold water with a high oxygen content, making the Great Lakes an ideal habitat. The chinook is a fairly new variety of salmon introduced into the Great Lakes in the 1870s.

Sometimes called "King Salmon", these fish did not reproduce successfully and eventually disappeared. In 1966, Great Lakes states Michigan, New York and Wisconsin, with the help of the province of Ontario reintroduced the Chinook. Great Lakes populations of Chinook are maintained by annual stream stocking programs Chinook live in Great Lakes shoals or near-shoal waters (less than 100 foot depth(s)) as a rule. In the fall they move into the southern reaches of each of the great lakes., traveling 5-15 miles offshore as they go. In the spring they retrace their route and by the following fall, they congregate at the stream they began their journey at and begin their spawning runs upriver.

Chinook spawn in streams over beds of large gravel, near riffles. Within two weeks after spawning, adult chinook die. Chinook compete with other salmon and trout for scarce spawning grounds. The following spring the eggs hatch, and the young usually remain in the river for one year before they migrate down to the lake. Once in the lake, males tend to remain for 1-2 years and females for 3-4 years. The King Salmon average a weight of 30 to 40 pounds and 38 inches in length.

Young chinook in rivers eat insects, insect larvae and crustaceans; adults in the lakes eat fish almost exclusively. In the Great Lakes, smelt and alewives make up their main diet. Predators include rainbow trout, coho salmon smolts and fish-eating birds. The young also compete with trout and other salmon for food. Grand Haven Lake Michigan charters prize chinook partly because of their large size and the challenge they present for fishing charters, and partly because they make a delicious meal. While other pacific salmon species have dark orange flesh, chinook meat is often bright Orange in color.

Credit MDNR

Charter Boats in Grand Haven Mi

Ludington July 18th / 19th Canceled day 1, 37th place

Muskegon July 11th / 12th. 5th Place out of 31 boats AM Division

Marsh Scent Head Trolling Flies along with all the Marsh fly patterns and colors have proven year after year to be the best salmon trolling flies on the market. No one, has this powerful Lake Michigan trolling advantage in the charter boat industry like Douglas J Charters 

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